Julia to star in TOO FAST by Guillaume Karoubi

Julia is set to star is French director Guillaume Karoubi's triptych TOO FAST. She will be playing Claire, a confident, independent model who is the object of her lover's obsession as he descends into emotional chaos and eventual madness.

Photo by Guillaume Karoubi

Photo by Guillaume Karoubi

Guillaume's vision is to create three films based around the same story; with the same characters, in three different cities: Paris, LA and New York. He will create an app so that when viewing in the theatre, the audience can decide which version of the story they would like to watch. 

"Too Fast is a trilogy of short films, each of which takes place in a different city : Paris, New York and Los Angeles. The main story and two main characters are the same, however the cast, sets and crews are special to each short. Each city imprints the story. The location, actors and film culture of the local crews shape each film with a unique mark. For better or for worse, I am the only common link to these three short films." - Guillaume Karoubi

Shooting will begin on August 29th 2014.